The breakthrough of liquid biopsy technology for early cancer detection

SPOT-MAS, the breakthrough of liquid biopsy technology for early cancer detection

Recently, Gene Solutions has successfully researched and launched SPOT-MAS technology, the latest advanced liquid biopsy technology in early cancer detection, creating positive impacts for the technology ecosystem to the world in general and to Vietnam in particular.

What is SPOT-MAS concept?

SPOT-MAS stands for Screen for the Presence of Tumor by DNA Methylation and Size, liquid biopsy technology is superior and surpasses other screening technologies. With it, researchers can analyze four characteristics of ctDNA at the same time, increase the ability to detect ctDNA even at very low levels in the bloodstream – when the cancer is still at the early stage.

Along with that, the applications of machine learning models and big data from the dataset of genomes from 20,000 cancer patients, which help detect abnormal cases, increase diagnostic accuracy, and reduce the number of false positives. False positives cause a great deal of waste in diagnosis and make test takers worry about their own medical condition.

How SPOT-MAS early cancer detection works

Step 1: ctDNA isolation from peripheral blood

From a small blood draw, Gene Solutions’ expert team utilizes SPOT-MAS technology conducting analysis based on 4 factors: methylation change in the target gene regions, genome-wide methylation change, copy number aberrations, fragment length change. Isolating DNA was extracted from plasma samples, converted bisulfite, and analyzed for genetic index and adapter recognition and transfection sequences.

Step 2: Ultra-deep sequencing and ctDNA signature analysis  

The process starts from hybridizing with a 450-region probe set, classifying the target, to hybridizing with a specific probe from which to classify flow-through and starting to sequence and analyze the characteristic transformations.

Step 3: Constructions of machine learning model

After sequencing and analyzing big data with machine learning technology, the results are accurate, helping to classify the results as those of healthy people or those with hereditary cancer, therefore, determining the location of the tumor if any and design an appropriate treatment plan.

Choose Gene Solutions for better future  

SPOT-MAS technology has a particularly important meaning in the prevention and detection of inherited factors causing cancer. The method accurately detects abnormal genomic factors of multiple common types of cancer including liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Researchers now can conduct early cancer screening procedures with lower cost and less fault positives.  

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